The Kansas City CPA partners and staff of Cuneo, Lawson, Shay & Staley, Certified Public Accountants welcome you to our Website.  We created this site with two goals in mind,  (1) to provide a resource of valuable, easy-to-use financial information that our clients could refer to again and again and  (2) to provide an easy way for clients (both potential and current) to learn more about us.

We've provided several links that will lead you to more detailed information about our Kansas City CPA firm, including a Firm Profile and a list of the many Services we offer. Our Firm Notes page will keep you abreast of what's going on within our Kansas City accounting firm as well as provide a list of links that we think you will find useful.

We're also pleased to bring you our Guides section dedicated to providing comprehensive financial guidance on a vast array of topics:

Each months Newsletter is filled with current articles covering a variety of financial topics.  It's always available online;  better yet, sign up to get the newsletter via email automatically.

Finally, our Resources section is so valuable, we're sure you'll use it again and again.  In fact, we recommend you create a shortcut to this section on your desktop.

  • QuickSend allows you to send sensitive information to us on a multi-layered secure portal with just a few clicks.  You select which of the firms employees will receive an email notification that you've sent a file.  It can even accomodate large QuickBooks files.
  • Calculators and Internet Links help answer the questions that have been nagging you at the back of your mind:

    "What will it take to save one million dollars?"

    "What are my options to pay off my credit card balance?"

    "Should we refinance our mortgage?"

We think you'll agree, we've included something for everyone! Enjoy your time exploring our site. If we can answer any questions or be of service, don't hesitate to contact us. Our Kansas City CPA firm offers a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to allow prospective clients to sample our expertise and make an informed choice. Thank you for visiting. 

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