Matrimonial disputes often involve the tracing, locating and evaluation of assets.  The assets to be evaluated and valued may be businesses, separate and community property, real estate, stocks and other investments, retirement plans, etc.  Finding and establishing value of assets is a complex process that requires extensive training and specialized skills.

We not only have the expertise to provide analysis of the assets but, we also have the experience and knowledge to apply these findings within the unique arena of Family Law.

We can provide settlement strategies covering the three primary issues in most divorce cases:  (1) property division, (2) spousal support and (3) child support.

What we do for you:

  • valuation and appraisal of assets
  • provide expert witness testimony
  • identify taxation issues and how best to address them
  • identify ?what is income? with regard to alimony and child support
  • prepare you for alternative dispute resolution when this is an option
  • analysis of lifestyles of the parties and/or children and provide insight as to how this can affect the outcome of the case


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